A Learning Reflection

After the freewriting exercise from last week, in relation to the last final project, I have still not changed my mind about what I would like as a final project. On my last blog post (freewrite) I wrote about how I wanted the final project to be a One-Act play, where everyone can play a certain line or character. Up to this day, I still have not changed my mind about the plan, and at this point I think is best if I just stick with it, since it is what interests me the most. I previously mentioned some of the literary works of this genre which might be of use or serve as examples. “A Streetcar Named Desire,” by Tennessee Williams; “Antigone,” by Sophocles; “The Price,” by Arthur Miller. Again, I think as a student of writing, there is a special feeling about playing a part in some of your favorite books or literary pieces. It’s like “experiencing literature LIVE”.

The reason why I picked this for a final project over other things is because stories, whether they are fiction or nonfiction, are some that interests me a lot, as I have spent various years of my life learning about literature through this form of writing. Because it is easy for me now to understand part of the process that goes behind stories, I am able to use that as a skill to understand other forms of literature. The reason why I bring up the concept of “literature” is because, although we have much freedom to choose what this final project could be, I think we still need to choose something that relates to any learning outcomes we experienced this semester. And despite that fact that many of us had to work on different or similar topics related to pedagogy and writing, everything was still somewhat connected to the art of literature. For me, as example, I focused on a topic relating “voice” in writing for my presentation. Voice is something big in literature and in writing overall, regardless of different types of writing. This was a big presentation and required me to do a descent amount of research and studying on the matter. Likewise, other classmates did the same for their topic, and in the end we managed to learn a lot from each other’s covered material. So I think it is safe to say that no matter the type of outcomes we all experienced, it is connected to literature.

In my experience, the learning I gained from the experience is one connected to the topic I covered (voice). Before this class, I had not gotten the chance to fully dive myself into an issue that is part of writing is the classroom: that voice is not always given much importance in certain writing setting at school, but should definitely be considered important. As I always say, “writing is almost always personal, even when you try not to make it personal.” And it is through this personal characteristic and feature, when writing, that voice is given to piece. This is the voice of the writer. Something we all have or develop, or are in the process of developing. At least this is what I think. But really what I learned ultimately, through the semester and my own presentation, is that writing is VERY personal. And it is such personal factor, which is given to it, that allow writers or students of writing to connect, feel, imagine, and experience literature through their own perception. And is the process, they can apply it to their daily lives, various situations, and other things that may not even be related. It is because of all this that I am excited for the final project to be a One-Act play. These plays are more than just writing and acting. They are a window to life and experience, as well as literature and other things I can’t even explain.

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